Hello, I'm a full-stack developer based in the US!
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Howdy! I'm a dedicated full-stack developer from Little Rock, Arkansas, passionate about crafting seamless digital experiences. With expertise in Java and Typescript, I specialize in creating robust APIs. Whether it's back-end intricacies or front-end finesse, I've got you covered. Feel free to connect and explore my portfolio. Excited to bring your ideas to life!


I have a solid background in Java, backed by 4+ years of hands-on experience and involvement in the creation of over 30 APIs.
I'm well-versed in the Spring framework. Over 4 years of experience.
Javascript / Typescript
I have 4+ years of experience in navigating JavaScript and TypeScript.
Over 4+ years, I've honed my skills in Angular, utilizing it effectively in various projects.
Among various front-end tools, React is my preferred choice, with 2+ years of work.
I integrate SQL into most of my Java Spring APIs, ensuring robust and efficient data management.
My skills extend to quality assurance, encompassing QA, test creation, unit testing, automated tests, and adept debugging techniques.


1994Born in Little Rock, Arkansas (Not Our kansas)
2018Received Computer Science degree from University of Arkansas
2018Software Engineer at Logistics Company
2022Started freelancing